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And Leave with the Concise Blueprint & Plan That Will Dramatically Increase Your Business In 2013...

Dear Fellow Entrepreneurs & Business Owners,

If you want to dramatically grow your business in 2013, you need to get serious. You need to determine exactly where you want your business to be and the exact strategies and plan you must follow to get there.

Because if you don't have proven strategies and a plan, then you're just dreaming. And while it's ok to dream, dreaming will not get you where you need to go.
  • You need to know where you want to go
  • You need a plan showing the steps to get there
  • You need to be positioned properly in the market
  • You need to know the right strategies and tactics to get more customers
  • You need to have the right people working for you
  • You need to have the right leadership and operations plans in place
If you follow this formula, as numerous serial entrepreneurs have done in the past, you'll realize great success -- in this or ANY economy. If you don't, your business is destined to FAIL.

Hi, my name is David Lavinsky, president of Growthink.

As a serial entrepreneur having successfully started, grown and exited multiple ventures I know the right way and wrong way to grow a business.

Since 1999, my company Growthink and I have helped over 500,000 entrepreneurs successfully start, grow, and exit their business. During this time, I've personally worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners. And I've helped some of them go from zero in revenues to millions, tens of millions, and even hundreds of millions in annual revenues.

And most importantly, I'd like you to be my guest at Growthink's Business Blueprint Live so I can share my best strategies and competitive edge with you. Because under no circumstances do I want YOU to fall into the trap that awaits over 90% of entrepreneurs and business owners -- that within the next year, you'll be out of business.

So why do most entrepreneurs and business owners fail?

The majority of businesses are doomed from the start. It's like they're starting a race with a bag over their heads and their legs tied together. They may have a plan on paper, but the plan is based on theory; not the actual tactics and strategies to follow to grow big.

And if your business doesn't have a clear strategy, you're putting yourself, your company, and any employees you might have at risk. Ask yourself this:

Do you have a clear plan on how to:
  • Attract new customers and clients?
  • Set yourself apart from your competitors?
  • Turn your customers into raving fans?
  • Raise funding (if you need it)?
  • Build a team of employees who are 100% committed to your company's success?
  • Grow your business to the point where other companies start handing you multi-million dollar checks to buy it?
If not, you're a sitting duck. You need to think ahead. You need to think faster. You need to think growth. And most importantly, you need a sound, proven, and tested game plan. That's why I created this special event. And I'd like to invite you as my special guest to attend. The event is called...
  • How to methodically build a big, profitable company
  • How to quickly gain publicity which results in calls from prospective customers, investors, employees and partners
  • How to figure out the best opportunities to grow your business (and avoid wasting your time on the wrong opportunities)
  • How to find the right capital to fuel your growth
  • How to leverage your time and staff to quickly reach your goals
  • How to build systems that allow your business to grow without you (so you can enjoy more time off)
  • Time management techniques that free up your time so you can do more of what you love (and complete everything that must get done)
  • How to generate more leads and get more customers
  • How to dramatically improve your client closing ratios
  • How to find, hire and retain superstar employees
  • How to drive tons of traffic to your website and turn it into a 24-hour cash machine
  • How to fully control your business without micromanaging and without having to do everything yourself
  • And much, much, more...

If you haven't already built a highly profitable and successful, multi-million dollar company, but want to, than this is the event for you. This event is for new entrepreneurs and business owners, struggling business owners, and established business owners who want to not just survive but thrive in today's marketplace.

We'll work with you to really understand what you need to do to go from the little business that could, to the big business that did. You will not only learn cutting-edge new strategies, but leave with a concise plan to start executing the morning you get back into your office. So if you're ready to grow your business to heights you've only dreamed of in the past, then this is an event you simply can't afford to miss.

Simply click the button below to register now.

Growthink's Business Blueprint Live is an extremely unique event for many reasons including:

  1. You will leave with a documented plan to grow your business. Yes, you will gain tons of new ideas and strategies. But unlike other events, you will leave with a clear action plan showing you what to do to apply those strategies.

  2. Strictly limited to 100 primary participants. We want to encourage lots of questions and discussion, so it's essential that we keep the group small.

  3. Module-based teaching. Each training session will be delivered in short, 45 - 60 minute modules with ample time allowed for questions and discussions. So, if you have a question about a concept that we're presenting, you'll have time to get the answer.

  4. A generous training manual and workbook with all our PowerPoint presentations, notes, examples, and other relevant information will be provided at the event.

  5. This event is primarily a workshop. While there will be ample networking opportunities, the event is first and foremost a workshop. Which means you will have to work. You will be forced to think through each of the strategies you learn and determine which ones to implement in your business. And you will have to answer tough questions about where you want to take your business and the optimum path to get there. Don't worry, we'll be there to help you. But you must be willing to do your part.

My guarantee to you during the event is this: I will give 100% of myself to make sure I give you the absolute best information you need to build your company. But don't just take my word for it, see below what attendees who have attended my previous events have said:

Growthink's Business Blueprint Live is the best investment you can make in your business. Period. Answer me this: what would it be worth to you to get a step-by-step plan for growing your business into a highly profitable multi-million dollar empire in 2013?

I bet your answer is thousands, if not tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. And if you wanted me to come to your company one-on-one for 2-days, you'd have to spend $40,000.

And while I've personally spent thousands of dollars to attend others' 2-day business building events (which won't have nearly the impact on your success as this event), I priced Growthink's Business Blueprint Live at the lowest amount I could in order to ensure the highest quality experience.

That's why I priced Growthink's Business Blueprint Live at only $997.

And, to make absolutely sure you are 100% satisfied, I will refund 100% of your money if you are anything less than thrilled. Simply come up to me or any of my team members at any time during the event, and we will gladly refund your money if you're not thrilled.

I have NEVER seen anyone give such a guarantee at an event before. But I am that confident and committed to YOUR success that I'll gladly offer it to you.

Answer: Just one weekend in Los Angeles can revolutionize your success. You will gain a crystal clear picture of your vision. You will learn new, cutting edge tactics to grow your business. And you will leave with an action plan to follow so that 2013 is your breakout year.


On the first day, you'll dream big and identify the exact success you'd like to achieve. Then, you'll work backwards to figure out the precise action plan to get you there.
Session One: End-Game Planning
In this session, you'll pinpoint the exact success you'd like to achieve with your business. Because if you don't know where you want to go, you won't be able to get there.
In this session, you'll:
  • Determine and document your customer-focused vision
  • Determine and document your business-focused vision
  • Learn the difference between and document the Financial Metrics and Business Assets you need to build
Session Two: Pursuing Winning Business Ideas
If you go after flawed business opportunities, you’ll never succeed. In this session, you’ll learn the difference between losing and winning business opportunities and ideas. Importantly, you’ll judge your ideas and improve them so you can build a highly successful company. In this session, you will:
  • Learn why you may need to pivot and how to do it
  • Discover why “SWOT” analyses are dead and build your “SO” analysis
  • Learn the four keys to a great idea and use them to judge and select your best business growth opportunities
Session Three: Goals & Milestones
Once you have a vision of the success you want to achieve, and know the opportunities that will get you there, you need a plan. Key to your plan is setting the appropriate goals and milestones. Specifically, you need to identify and document what you need to do and when.
in this session, you will do just that. You will:
  • Learn how to reverse engineer your vision
  • Determine and document the precise goals you must achieve in the next 12 months
  • Identify precisely what milestones you must achieve in the next month and quarter
Session Four: How to Build & Maintain Your Financial Dashboard
Without a Financial Dashboard, you won't be able to measure your success. And, as you probably know, you can't improve what you can't measure.
In this session, you'll:
  • Learn the keys to a financial dashboard
  • Select the core metrics you will track
  • Build a financial dashboard to ensure your steady growth
Session Five: Mystery Guest #1
Each day we will have one mystery guest who has had incredible success in one or more specific business areas who will present to you precisely what’s working for them so you can emulate their success.
On the second day of the event, you will learn advanced marketing tactics that will dramatically increase your company's revenues and profits. You'll also learn how to raise funding so you can remove that as a potential obstacle to your success.
Session Six: Building Your Marketing Funnel
Having an optimized marketing funnel is the surest way to continually growing both your revenues and profits.
In this session, you'll:
  • The most important metric in your marketing funnel
  • How to build a marketing funnel
  • How to leverage your marketing funnel for maximum gain
Session Seven: How to Increase Response Rates & Conversion Rates
When prospective customers respond better to your company than your competitors, growing your company becomes easy.
In this session, you'll:
  • Learn what 'The Seinfeld Principle' is, and how to use it to get tons of new customers
  • Learn how to create and document "irresistible offers" that drive tons of new leads to your business on demand
  • Discover what you can do to quickly develop trust and rapport with your you turn more of them into customers, faster
Session Eight: How to Optimize Transaction Prices & Lifetime Customer Value
When you get customers to pay more money each time they buy from you, and get them to buy from you more often, your revenues and profits soar.
So this happens in your business, in this session, you'll:
  • Learn and document how to get customers to buy from you over and over again
  • Discover the 5 ways to increase your average transaction price and PROFIT per customer
  • See to position your company so customers happily buy from you, even at significantly higher prices than your competition
  • Document how and where you'll implement the two marketing 'tricks' McDonalds used to double its profits
Session Nine: Advance Market Optimization Techniques
Once you have an optimized funnel, you can add some final strategies to absolutely dominate your industry.
In this session, you'll learn these strategies, and you'll:
  • Learn how to successfully use more and more of the eleven top marketing channels
  • Discover why customers tell their friends about certain companies, and how to get them to tell everyone they know about you
  • Learn how to attract tons of visitors to your website and convert them into paying customers
Session Ten: How to Raise Funding in 2013
If you need external funding to execute on your business plan, now or in the future, this session is for you.
In this session, you'll learn everything you need to know about fundraising. You'll learn all of the types of funding available to you and the keys to raising each kind.
In this session, you'll:
  • Learn about the Growthink Funding Pyramid and how to use it to raise money
  • Understand the six steps to raising funding
Session Eleven: Mystery Guest #2
Each day we will have one mystery guest who has had incredible success in one or more specific business areas who will present to you precisely what’s working for them so you can emulate their success.
As you know, when you attend any event, it is a group affair. That is, you are part of a group and everyone in the group learns together. I love the group dynamic and you will learn a ton from the other entrepreneurs and business owners in the room.
In fact, at our past event, major new companies and partnerships were formed by attendees who met at our event. But in addition to the group dynamic, to make absolutely sure you gain the best knowledge and have the absolute best experience, I've made sure you will also get ONE-ON-ONE training at the event. You'll get this in one of three ways.
The first are Hotseats. I will conduct Hotseats between every session. During each Hotseat, you or another entrepreneur will pose your biggest challenge to me. Not only will I give you my best ways to solve it, but I'll open it up to the audience. In many cases, another attendee will have faced and overcome that exact challenge before and can give you additional expert guidance.
The second way you will receive one-on-one training is through our Growthink strategists. I will bring my Growthink strategists with me to spend time with you to make sure you have the answers you need and build a winning plan.
The final way you will get one-on-one training is through our workshop format. As specified above, I will answer any questions you have during the sessions. So you not only get expert guidance, but you can apply it to your business...and never be left in the dark.
You can attend by simply clicking the link below.

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P.P.S. Check out what attendees have said about our past events:

Dave is incredible. You don't want to hear it from someone that taught it. You want to hear from someone that's lived it. That's why I'm here.
As Dave is speaking we're writing down notes and saying 'we should be doing this and we should be doing that' -- he's really informative!
Being entrepreneurs we have to stay with it and soldier on and get motivation all the time which is why we're here today. I definitely got a lot of ideas and inspiration! I also continue to follow Dave and his ideas, he's amazing
It's the right time for growing our business and selling our business so I am really coming away with a lot of information. I thought it was well worth the time spent. Thank you!